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About us

We are regional specialist for Dalmatia. With over 10 years experience in PR and marketing we have built up excellent relations with media and strong connection with influential people in Region Dalmatia.

  • 1999.

    Our Beginnings

    During the first year of our establishment, we have designed and produced hundreds of newspaper ads, outdoor billboards, radio & TV commercials and other promotion materials.

  • 2001.- ...

    Long-term, integrated promotion

    Although our business policy requires not to expose the elements of cooperation into the public, we’d like to highlight some of our longtime clients, with whom we have developed a strong business relationship: Imex bank, Fieri – Benetton, Kaltenberg, Mercator, Robot, Autoline-Mercedes Benz, Dalmare, JYSK, Radisson BLU Resort Split, Miamark-Scavolini, Cemex, Supernova, Dubrovnik Sun Gardens, Park& Shop...

  • 2001. - 2011.

    Mrduja regatta

    We formed a partnership with Sailing club Labud in order to promote the oldest regatta in Croatia - Mrdujska regatta, and have maintained promotion for several of their projects.

  • 2006.-2011.

    Humanitarian project - Dodir Dobrote

    We created a concept for a new project that had the goal to promote sustainability and transparency in humanitarian behaviour, and instead of simply gathering funds, to promote continuity of humanitarian acts and to disperse gathered funds in a quality way. During the several years that the project was organized, we had the opportunity to work with Nova TV and Dnevnik.hr that enabled nationwide promotion to a wider audience.

  • 2012.

    Basketball club Split - Jugoplastika

    We have successfully taken part in revitalization of the club by raising awareness of public and the media, and by managing the organization of all the home games during the season.

  • 2009. - 2015.

    Croatian Boat Building Days fair

    In order to promote their work and further develop their market, we started a new fair for producers of small boats in Croatia. Eventually, it became an annual event, and is now even bigger because it has a new addon - a Tourist Attractions Expo.

  • 2015.

    Exploring New Opportunities!

    In such a fast moving enviroment that we live in today, change is permanent! That's why we constantly seek for new challenges and exciting projects to create real value that lasts!


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